How do I create a new record from an existing record in Access?



I have an Access database that I want to use to store data for lesson plans
for different courses that I teach. In my database, the lesson plan for a
particular course is actually a report output based on a query of data from
multiple tables. These tables, for example, relate to the course title, high
level objective type, high level objective, media type, and teaching point.
That all works fine for 1 course. However, the different courses that I
teach are all a subset of 1 major course and all will have some relevence to
the main course but will have different high level objectives and teaching
points in some cases.

So, what I would like to do is have some way to do a "Make From" for lack of
a better term and be able to quickly create a new course lesson plan from an
existing record set (the data stored in my database) without having to go in
and re-enter all of the data for each course. (Approximately 50 courses

Is there a way to copy data from a particular recordset and then rename it
thereby having two identical records through all of the nested subforms in
the data entry form, with a different inputID number? By the way I am using
AutoNumber for my key fields.

Allen Browne

Duplicate the record in form and subform

Assuming you have a Course table, with related tables for the objects etc of
that course, the idea is that you open the form and find the course you want
duplicated, and then click the button to duplicate it. The code uses an
AddNew to duplicate the main record. That gives you the new ID value to use
as the foreign key for the related records. The sample then exeuctes an
Append query statement to copy the records in the related table as well. If
you have several related tables, you will have several query statements to

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