How to Create Tables Automatically?



I'm using Access 2007 and developing a database for a company that conducts
training courses for our clients. The "main" table is the list of all of our
clients, contact information, etc.

We infrequently add courses; however we are continually offering our courses
on new, future, dates. What I'm wanting to do is:

Create a form with only a few choices (e.g. course name and course date).
Then, once that is "saved" a new table is added to the database which will
include fields that relate to the people who register for that particular
course on that particular date (e.g. name, phone number, etc.). Referring
back to the main table (clients) one of the many fields will be "course" and
another will be "course date" and, ideally, the available course dates will
only be those that were created "automatically" as described above (e.g. drop
down menu choices) AND sometime in the future. The end result will be an ever
expanding database of "course roster" tables (e.g. Course "X" 01/01/00;
Course "X" 02/02/02; Course "Y" 03/03/03, etc.) populated by fields that are
always in common (e.g. client name, phone number, etc.) and data retrieved
from the main "client" table.

How is this achieved? Thanks for your feedback.

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Pieter is correct. Do not build tables with redundant data. Not only is it
poor un-normalized database design, but you will continually run the risk of
your data being incorrect. Data is entered and edited in one place, and a
query is used to retrieve that. Now the data is always accurate. A query can
(and should) be used as the recordsource for your form and/or report. Your
report should include a timestamp for when it's printed so you'll always be
able to tell if you have "the latest and greatest"

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