Tables/ queries question



I have a table for recording college attendances, some of the courses are at
Campus 1 and some are held at Campus 2. I've got a field for course code,
course anme and a check box to show if the student is at campus 1.
When I enter the student ID number into the form, at the moment the name of
the course comes up automatically in the text book, as I think it's reading
the information from another database on the system.

At the moment I've got a check box on the Form to enter manually into the
table whether the student is at Campus 1 or Campus 2. What I wondered is if
it's possible to enter the Campus automatically into the table based on what
course code is entered.

I've designed a query showing all the course codes for Campus 1, is there
anyway that Access could use this to recognise which campus the course is
held at, based on the Course Code, anyway hope that all makes sense, hope you
can help, much appreciated.




you may have a lookup table in your db with the course codes... add a field
to this table for the campus location and then enter the campus locations to
correspond to the codes... then use this table in your query

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