How disable File Server for Macintosh slow startup scan?


Chris Largent

When the 'File Server for Macintosh' service starts up on Windows 2000
Server, it performs a file system scan of all shares that are currently
being shared as Mac volumes. This is so it can EVENTUALLY report in the
Application Event Log that the...

"Number of files and folders in volume "<volume name>" is greater than
65535. Older Macintosh clients may not function correctly in this situation
due to Macintosh volume limitation." (Source: MacFile; Event ID: 12057)

We don't have any "older" Macintosh clients anymore (i.e., all of our Macs
run current Mac OS'), and this useless startup scan is bogging down my
server for about six minutes after bootup.

Does anyone know of any registry hacks or other tricks to disable the
startup scan performed by the File Server for Macintosh service?

Jim Seifert [MSFT]

The event noted is indeed only useful to administrators with older afp
clients but it is not the purpose of the delay.The Macfile service creates
and maintains an index map of data forks to resources forks per volume
shared. The delay you are seeing is this index being created. Individual
shared volumes are not available to Macintosh clients until this index is

Chris Largent unfortunate side-effect of interfacing the two technology
platforms...but this makes complete sense (and I'll just continue to live
with the delay.) Thanks Jim!

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