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I have an annoying issue with File Services for Macintosh. We have several
Mac volumes accessible from a Win2k3 server. After a server re-boot, or a
restart of the file services for Macintosh the volumes do not show in the
chooser and cannot be mounted. This affects Macintosh clients on OS 8, 9 &
10. Also once the volumes are finally visible in the chooser (about 30
minutes) changes made to the shares on Win clients are not reflected on the

I think this is connected to the indexing of the volume for Macintosh
clients but I can't find a way around this. I've tried increasing the
pagepool size and the server has plenty of resources but I'm still getting
un-aceptable performance on the volumes. Any ideas?

Jim Seifert [MSFT]

The Macfile service creates and maintains an index map of data forks to
resources forks per volume shared. Starting and stopping the services
causes this behavior as you've noted as does index file corruption or server
reboots. The delay you are seeing is this index being created. Individual
shared volumes are not available to Macintosh clients until this index is
completed. The more files you have the longer this indexing will take.
This process is not something you can optimize further by changing system

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