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Travis King

Will Windows Vista Home Basic include the Windows Vista Standard (Basically
Aero Glass without flip-3D and no transparencies) appearance? (Not to be
confused with Windows Vista Basic, which is closer to XP's appearance.)


Vista Home Basic: it has Aero Standard (Aero Without "glass" transparency
and no LivePreviews of windows in taskbar ) as well as Vista Basic,Windows

Vista HomeBasic has also Sidebar,Calendar,PhotoGallery,Standard
MovieMaker,MediaPlayer,New Explorer,and most of these stuff that is "new" to

DirectX10 for gaming is also included, so no worries.

The "crippledness" of HomeBasic is more to extended Networking and Business
Needs, and of course there is no MediaCenter or Ultimate Extras Goodies for
that Windows.

But with "Anytime Upgrade" in controlpanel you can always buy a new
ProductKey and go up to HomePremium or directly to Ultimate, which is the
only true Full Version.
The Key alone is all you need, as all Editions are on the very same DVD.

Hint: install Windows Vista RC1/2/Final without entering a Key - then you
can choose which edition you want - then just try HomeBasic for 30 days out
and see what it has.

(it has far more features than XP Home - btw )


Actually, I think you have confused things.

Vista Basic and Vista Home Basic are the same thing.

Look at this:

Also check this site out:

Neither mentions an "Enterprise" version available only to businesses.
Scroll down the following page and look for a section labelled "A product
edition matrix" which lists all the editions that will be presently
available and their prices:



The OP wondered about what the cheapest Windows would look like not waht the
name for that OS is.

"Vista Basic" is the name for the non-aero theme ( XP like soft-blue
windows-frames ).

This is used if your graphics adaptor cannot handle Aero ( the real new
colorizable Gui ).

As name for The Operating System : "Windows Vista Home Basic Edition" is
the name.

Travis King

'HastaLavista' is correct. I'm talking about Vista Basic - the appearance
that's somewhat analagous to XP. Vista Standard is Aero Glass without the
features that it carries in higher-end versions. Windows Classic is just
that. The main reason I was asking wasn't for myself at all. It is for me
to inform others who may want to upgrade to Vista Home Basic. I personally
will likely get Vista Home Premium.

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