Aero Glass / Flip 3D with Vista Home Basic


Gustavo Strabeli

Hi there,

We can easily find in several forums the registry change that must be done
in order to activate the "Aero Glass" style.

Regedit: HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/DWM/
Composition = 1
CompositionPolicy = 2

Right click Command Prompt and run as admin:
net stop uxsms
net start uxsms

After changing registry I can see Aero was activated, however I don't have
the glass and transparency styles as well as the Flip 3D. As information, my
system supports Aero.
Does Vista Home Basic have this feature? How to enable it then?


Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]

Windows Vista Home Basic only supports Windows Aero 'Standard' not Glass,
Flip 3D and the new Alt Tab are not supported in this edition of the OS, you
will need to upgrade to a higher SKU such as Vista Home Premium, Business or


This does not work and is not necessary.

There is no way to get Aero Glass and Flip 3D in Home Basic.

You can use the "Vista Standard" look which is very aesthetically appealing
but does not have any "transparency". All you need to do is change easily
available settings preference options, not any registry tricks or command
prompt "run as admin".


vista user 43

you can buy stardock windowblinds for transparency and get a 3d flip
program that I have seen around

google flip 3d for xp and you will find them, the same things work for
vista basic

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