Can't get flip 3D to work



I have purchased a Toshiba Satellite A100 with Vista Home Premium already
installed. I can't get the Flip 3D or the transparent glass to work. I seem
to have all the requirements; 1.86 Gh Processor, 1 GB RAM, Nvidia Geo Force
Go 7300 128 MB graphics card. I have tried everything.. Windows Key +
Tab..etc but nothing. I went back to the shop and the sales rep said go to
'personalise' and then 'color and appearance'. Under color scheme click on
Windows Aero and 'apply'. I do this but somehow it keeps reverting back to
Windows Vista Basic.

Is my computer somehow not Aero compatible?
If not surely i'll be allowed to replace it with one that is? Isnt this
false advertising saying Vista compatible if it doesnt completely work?

Any advice would be great.


Sascha Jazbec

incompatible startup-programs ?

Have a look in the startup folder and use Defenders "Software Explorer" to
review hidden autostart-apps.

Java Runtime bfore version 6.x is incompatible with Aero for Example, so
every Java-based app with JRE 5.x will cause Vista to turn Aero off.

Also visit to load the latest Drivers, they have some new
this month.

Vistas built in Drivers are only a "basic" driver, the true capabilities are
unlocked first with the manufactorers drivers.

SJ / germany


Thanks for your reply Sascha.

I have checked and found that i have Java version 6.

Is this the reason why Aero is not working? Is there a new version of Java i
can download to fix the problem?
I went to the Java homepage and they only have Version 5.0 Update 11.


Sascha Jazbec

Version 6 is the latest and it is Aero (Flip3d) capable and ready.

So it is not a Java-Problem.

You will need to check for incompatible programs, running maybe silently in
the background,
Toshiba is a big OEM, so it is possible they have preloaded Vista with some
Toshiba-own tools, that might not all be really Vista-ready, even if they
are running at all.

Acer has also such problems at this time.

SJ /

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