Hidden / Silent Vista Laptop


Guy Thomas

The situation

My Sony Vaio laptop has successfully joined an Active Directory domain, you
can logon, and even print to a print server. However no machine can access
files on that Laptop.

File and Print Sharing is On.(But the settings are greyed out so cannot turn
The laptop is registered in the local DNS server's database.

Results from XP or W2K3 machines on the same subnet:
Ping LaptopName - no respose
Ping - no response
\\laptop\share - no response.

Bizarely, NetView displays the Laptop name, but cannot map a network drive.

It is a new machine, and therefore files have never been available on this

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Guy Thomas

Guy Thomas

Problem solved - you probably guessed it - Firewall, I turned off Vista's
firewall, but then Norton's firewall kicked in and stopped other machines
connecting. Disabled Norton's firewall, connected easily.


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