HELP with Child Domain



hi -

It is getting to the point where I may need Step-by-step help here..

We created a child domain to our corp.local domain [child.corp.local]
All servers are Windows 2003 [Native].
Our internal IP subnet for corp.local is 192.168.0.x/24 but the child domain
DC and all machines that will join it are on 10.0.x.x/16.
We are all in one site, one physical location, a layer 3 switch is
[successfully] routing.
We installed DNS on the child.corp.local dc.
The child.corp.local DC IP settings are:
I created 2 sites in Sites and Services, a\24 with my 2 corp
DC's and a\16 with the child dc.

Do I need 2 sites in this instance?
I can not successfully ping child.corp.local from the DC.
NSLOOKUP on the child DC fails, says it a non-existent domain.

If I try to join a machine to child.corp.local with the DNS server settings
set to [the child.corp.local IP] it fails, nor can I successfully
ping child.corp.local.

Can some one PLEASE take the time and explain to me what I need to do to
resolve this?

Thanks all -


Andrei Ungureanu

you must work a little more on DNS.
You can resolve this in several ways:
1. Zone delegation & secondary zones.
2. Conditional forwarding.
3. Stub zones.
4. Applications partitions.

Ex. option 2: Setup your dns servers from root domain to forward queries for
child.corp.local to the apropriate dns server from child domain ... and on
the child domain forward corp.local to the corp.local dns server.


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