Child Domain Authentication



Feel like I should know this answer but want to be sure. Here is our
scenerio, we have a new office we're building out. Office will house some
users from our child domain and some users from our root domain.

We have funding for only one DC....there are more child domain users than
root...Can I put a DC for the root domain and it would be able to
authenticate all clients? or will the child clients...go outsite its site to
locate a DC for its native domain.



Paul Bergson [MVP-DS]

A dc will only authenticate logon requests for its domain, since it only has
information about its dc. It will use pass-through authentication to assist
in the logon of the remote client.

Paul Bergson
MVP - Directory Services
MCT, MCSE, MCSA, Security+, BS CSci
2003, 2000 (Early Achiever), NT

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