Replication issues with one of the child domain



For one of the DC's in child domain we are getting replication errors. It is
generating event ID's 1311 and 1566 with NTDS KCC as source.

All the servers are running (Windows 2000 SP4) native mode and it’s a forest
root domain with 6 child domains. The problem is occurring at one of the
child domain.

The specific server is running DNS/DHCP. We have separate site for each of
our child domain. We had link failure recently and after that this issue crop

DNSLint and repadmin shows that the inbound replication has failed on this
server from our root domain and the root domain has 3 DC's in 3 sites. But
the replication shows as fine with rest of child domains.

Couldn’t locate any DNS failure with DNSLint

dcdiag shows as "The replication generated an error (8451):The replication
operation encountered a database error." for this particular DC.

This child domain is located at a remote site.

Please help.....


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