KCC Replication




I post this message because I need help about my site

I'm a child site just under the root (like all the other
domains)and I've got 3 DCs in My domain.

About my site configuration, I don't have preferred
Bridgehead server and let the KCC manage automatically the
site replication.

I've in my eventviewer these errors 1311, 1567, 1566.
The problem is (show below) this server is not in my site
nor in my domain (but in another domain in the forest) and
the server that own these errors replicate only with other
DC on my domain.

Does anyone know how to regenerate the KCC?

Any other good ideas will be welcome.

Kind Regards


Explicit bridgeheads to support inter-site replication to
and from site CN=au-
par1,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=xxx,DC=local over
transport CN=IP,CN=Inter-Site
Transports,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=xxx,DC=local have
been selected, but none of these servers can replicate the
partition DC=US,DC=xxx,DC=local.



Eric Fleischman [MSFT]

The KCC seems to think you do have a prefered bh server selected. It pulls
that out of the config container at each cycle (15 mins).
I'd double check the servers in the site, and ensure there isn't a prefered
bh server selected.


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