Windows XP Help with c:\Windows\ Downloaded Program Files folder Permissions

Oct 4, 2010
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I am having a permissions based issue with the C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files folder. Basically a IBM remote takeover tool needs to write to the folder when launching. This works fine when I am logged in but when a user with restricted access try's to logon it fails. Process monitor shows it is denied access to write to that folder. If you give the users read/write permissions to the C:\Windows folder there are no problems. But obviously I dont want all users having access to this folder! Now when you right click, properties on the Downloaded Program Files folder you do not get the normal security options and do not seem to be able to change them for diffenet groups/users. The folder is used by IE.

This is on XP service pack 2 with IE7

Any ideas on how I can grant permissions to this folder or move the folder so IE downloads to a different location?



Master of Logic
Oct 3, 2008
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You could try to give write permissions to the folder itself with authenticated users being allowed.

Being a restricted user, you are exactly that. If you want anything other than that, your choices are admin account and use GPEDIT.MSC to deal with any other permissions. However, I don't believe that there is a setting that allows you to make a setting like this.

I believe the only other alternative is to do Domain with AD setup, which will allow you to create groups with the permissions you seek and apply those permissions directly to the folder.

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