!Help: Win XP SP2 opening MSN Hotmail is slow (Misery loves company)



Hi Rick,

I read your message about this issue and here's some details and my

1- I didn't use the sp2 before. Like a lot of people, I was waiting.
But one day, MSN/Hotmail started to crash my IE and all... So I
thought maybe it was time to go the sp2 way.

2- After installing sp2 succesfully (and fixing the Ethernet card
issue), after setting the new Security options, I tried loading my

3- The problem, as my guts tell me, is that sp2 and MSN decided to
force users into something in the background, EG installing some kind
of thing that is buggy, like trying to integrate the Messenger to the
Hotmail account in IE. The resulting problem is that, when accessing
the MSN page the first time during a session, the page loads very,
very slowly. Some people think it doesn't load, but it's loading
alright. After a painful 40 seconds, the page finally is available,
and it's easier to use the service from there (until next session).

4- This problem seems to happen to more and more users. I don't think
it's just a random issue, but something to do with IE, the Messenger
and SP2 in particular. Other Web pages with a login will load
normally--it seems it's only with Hotmail.

I am assuming this issue will come to Microsoft's ears sooner or later
(as some Hotmail users will be in panic of not being able to access
their email through IE), and that they'll make a patch for fixing it
or what not...


Here's a few more symptoms people in the usenet groups are reporting:

A) Robie13 (the one you replied to) says: "I recently installed SP2
and now I am unable to access my hotmail accounts or my MSN home page.
I am not running any other firewall software, cookies are enabled,
pop-ups are not blocked, they've been added to my "sites" (allow
everything), I tried reducing my security level, etc. I had no
problems prior to SP2. Now, all I get is a white (blank) page and the
taskbar says the page has finished loading. I have not problem
accessing these sites on my computer at work (no SP2 installed)."

B) Racket says: "For the past several days my msn messenger email
pages take "forever" to load(like when I want to view individual
emails, forward, delete, new message,etc). All other pages outside
hotmail work just fine."

C) Webbie wrote: "Everything was running fine with SP1 Outlook 2002
and then yesterday, I loaded SP2 and everything went wacky! For one
thing, it wouldn't load my hotmail account"

D) a user commenting: "Hard to imagine an MS product unable to
interface with MSN Hotmail.....do they even communicate anymore?




I, too, have been having slow loading pages with hotmail, especially with the
junk mail page. But I've had SP2 on my computer for a while. My problems
started once they increased the free account size. I don't know if that is
the problem but everything was fine until the changes hotmail made.


Exactly, it's not so much the SP2 rather than the Hotmail page that is
buggy. It started to be buggy before I add SP2. It's been a few days
and MSN has not done anything...




I had the same problem, uninstalled messenger 6.2 and now hotmail responds
like it should. Hope they fix this! As a side note, I still get an "Object
not found" error in the lower left corner. But I can live with that!


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