HELP!!! Unable to log on after switching from "Domain" to "Workgroup"




I hope someone can help me out of my trouble...

I have gone into the "System Properties" in Control Panel
and then to the "Netwrok Identification" tab. There I
have clicked "Properties" and have changed the radio
button form "Domain" to "Workgroup".

Now when I am rebooting my laptop, when the log-on screen
appears with my User Name, I enter the password that I
have always entered, but it does not work, I am unable to

I have done all this because I wanted to network my office
laptop to my home desktop. The laptop was configured on a
domain, while the desktop was configured on a workgroup.

Would somebody know how I can undo this and restore my

Thanks big time to whomever can save my life...


Marina Roos

You will have to connect the machine to the network where it belongs and ask
your system administrator to rejoin it for you.


Karl Levinson [x y] mvp

To log in locally, you need to know a local Administrator account name and
password on the workstation.

The person who installed Windows should know this. There is no default
password, it is always chosen by the installer person. If you don't know
it, call your helpdesk or try a password reset disk as listed in the FAQ:

Then, to rejoin the domain, you have to plug your computer into the network
with the domain and join it while you have someone around who can type in a
Domain Administrator account name and password.
Dec 2, 2011
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Please suggest my one of pc , i am not able to add workgroup to domain account because of PC's my computer not show option to chang domain , workgroup not high light this option.

Thanks Regards
Amit Rao

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