Cannot login after changing from domain to workgroup


Frank Kanto

My corporate laptop was on a domain. To try and transfer
some files from a friend's computer, we thought to join
the laptop to his home network. He had me switch from
Domain to Workgroup. I think all I did was right-click
MyComputer, Properties, then changed from the domain to my
friend's workgroup -- didn't create any user accounts or
set passwords or anything like that. The computer asked to
restart, which I did, and now I can't log in at all. I
normally log in as "Workstation only" which I think means
you are logging into only to the laptop. I tried various
username/passwords combinations, including administrator,
guest, blank, and my usual corporate one. Nothing seems to
work. I just get a "Failed to login to the Windows NT/2000
Workstation. Make sure your username and connection
information are correct..." I saw a similar thread where
someone recommended removing the hard drive, hooking it up
to another computer and then deleting the password file.
Is that the only way? For my particular situation, is
there anything else I can try? Any help is greatly
appreciated. Thanks!

Vivek Ahuja

Dont you have the administrator password of the laptop? if not please take
help from your local system administrator who might be knowing this

Did your friend set any password? if not try a blank password for the
administrator log on and ensure you have selected in the domain
computername(this computer).


you must take it back to your corporate IT people and beg them to put it
back on the domain. in the mean time if the domain login credentials are
cached on the machine you might be able to login using your old domain and
user name like: domain\username with your old company password.

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