Help - PS3 & MM - poor quality



Just used PS3 for the first time and find it's great. Here's my problem.

I am making an 8 min or so movie for work. I started with PS3 using 81
photos while an mp3 is playing. The preview and saved file works perfectly.
This is 4 mins of the 8 mins. I need.

I then imported this wmv into MM to add other clips and pictures. Before I
did any other additions, I saved this as a movie in MM to view it. The
problem is it runs choppy with the zoom effects very poor.

I have been making mini movies each year for awhile. In the past I end up
adding the movie file into powerpoint. This year I am being more creative
and find it will be impossible to add to PP and intend to burn the final
production to a DVD.

What solutions are there to add to the PS3 imported wmv into MM while adding
the remaining 4 mins of clips I need and saving as a smooth movie to burn?
Or am I asking too much from the software?

Graham Hughes

I'd change audio from mp3 to wav.
What settings did you chose in PS3 to save the file as?
You say you saved it as a movie file in MM, was this a wmv or dv.avi? What
settings for wmv?
What did you then view this in, WMP?

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