Saving MM movies to my computer



After making a 10 min movie in MM, I save it to my computer (as a WMV
file). The 10 min movie takes 3-4 HOURS OR MORE TO SAVE! Why so long and
what can I do to make it save my MM movies faster?


If your computer has less than 2 GB of RAM, it could spend 90% of the time
going in and out of the swap file on your hard drive.

It could also have something to do with the complexity of the project, or
the file types you're using.... or your hard drive needs a good
defragging... or you picked a really high quality profile to save to.


Extra harddrives are cheap and easy to come by and easy to install. I
recommend installing another harddrive and use it to save your movie too.
The reading will be done on your main drive and the writing will be done on
your new drive. Also, stop all unnecessary applications. I used to stop all
of my security app such as firewalls, and virus detectors (after I ubplugged
the LAN cable of course).

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