Help printing Contact Sheet via Windows


Kate G.

Using Win XP Pro

I have a folder with about 75 pictures of individuals. The file name is
their name (last name first).

I wish to print a Contact Sheet(s) of the images.

Using Windows Picture and Fax viewer... I navigate to the folder... Select
an image.... Select print which activates the Photo Printing Wizard. There
I select all of the images in the folder and continue through the wizard...
selecting Contact Sheets.

So far all is well.

If I print to my printer (an Epson RX500)... the contact sheets print
perfectly... images with the file name (person's name) immediately below the
image. Text is in a very small print.... but lists the complete filename.


If I instead send the file to Adobe PDF writer instead of the hard copy
printer... it prints the images just fine... but the file names come out in
gibberish ...
$$ and %% and various CAPITAL letters. -- nothing like the file name
(individual's name).

I am assuming that somewhere in the setup of the Windows Photo Printing
Wizard I need to tweak a setting... or change the default print the file
names are printed in ... but I don't know where to do this.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I need to print these images
to a PDF with the names showing... so I can email them to everyone...
otherwise I will be stuck printing out 75 copies of the 3 pages -- and
sending them via snail mail - -a HUGE and UNNECESSARY expense.

Thanks in advance.

Bob I

You could ask about it in one of the Adobe forums or ask tech support
over at the Adobe Web sit. Or you could try one of the many other free
PDF creators on the web such as CutePDF or PDF995 and see they work
better. Not a Windows issue such as it is the "printer" you are using.

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