HELP Error Windows Picture & Fax Viewer



When I try to rotate a .jpg or sometimes just when browsing
from photo to photo I get an explorer.exe has encountered
an error and must close. This then causes my system to
crash. I must then restart my PC. I am a photographer and
like to uses this program to rotate the photos before
importing them into Photoshop 7 and to show clients. This
problem is getting very old.

I also sometimes get the error in Internet Explorer

I am running Windows XP Pro on a Pentium 4 2.4GHz, 100GB
hardrive with 512 megs of DDR ram.

Please Help

Mary Sauer

Check into an updated video driver from the manufacturer's web site. Try turning your
acceleration down; may help. Right-click the desktop, settings tab, advanced,

David Shiflet [MS]

1. What does "my system to crash" mean, exactly? What is on the screen?
Usually explorer can be restarted as a New Process from the Task Manager, no
reboot required.
2. Try turning off Photoshop's thumbnail generation. Right click a JPG file
and choose Properties. On the Photoshop tab, uncheck the "Generate
thumbnails" button and hit OK.

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