hello please help




Sharon F

i cant chat on www.adulfriendfinder.com i could on widows
98 and 95 thanks for any help my email is
(e-mail address removed)
When you have trouble with one website --compared to having trouble with
all web sites -- the solution is most likely directly related to the target site.
The site may be having server trouble or a there may be some requirement for
the site that you don't have. Usually there are help pages at a site with
information about what the site requirements are and troubleshooting tips.

Due to court proceeding with Sun, Windows XP did not ship with the MS Java
Virtual Machine and Microsoft no longer provides JVM downloads. This
component is a requirement at many interactive sites. You can download the
Sun version of the JVM at www.sun.com

Other sites may require a download and install of an ActiveX component.
These are then stored in Windows\Downloadable Programs. By opening
Windows Explorer to this folder, you can check the status of components.
Right click menu options for each item offer choices such as Update and
Delete. Deleting a damaged component and revisiting the website that
requires it, will initiate a new download and install.

NOTE: Some antivirus programs and browser security settings may block the
installation. Adjust settings as necessary to safely obtain a new download.

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