heading numbering 2007 with alternate style Heading 1




I'm looking for a way to create the following numbering style for headings

Heading 1
1.1 Heading 2
1.1.1 Heading 3

Heading 1
2.1 Heading 2

So I would like to suppress the numbering in Heading 1, while leaving it
intact for the others. I managed to erase it for heading 1 but then it didn't
show the heading 1 number for the lower levels. So like .1 Heading 2 etc.

Your advice is greatly appreciated



Stefan Blom

The trick is to have numbering for level 1 (Heading 1 in this case) but
format the number as hidden so that it doesn't print. Use the Font button in
the multilevel list dialog box to apply the hidden formatting.


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