Headers in Word 2000



I have a multi page document in which the second page is landscape and the
rest of the document is portrait. When I create a header for the second page
(landscape, section2), the third page (portrait, section 3) keeps the same
size header as the second page. Anything I do to the third page header
automatically changes the header of the second page. I have a section break
continuous at bottom of first page and a section break next page at the
bottom of page 2. In Headers/page setup/layout/headers and footers,
different first page is checked. Section start is continuous on first page
and other pages set to new page. Can anyone suggest what I can do to keep
the third page header seperate from the second page header?




Unselect "Same as Previous" in the toolbar for the header(s) in
Section 3. (Apparently it's already selected in Section 2, the
landscape one.)

(It might be better to use a New Page section break rather than a
Continuous one for Section 2.)

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