Custome Header & Footer Positioning



Fellow Forum Members,
The customer has a 800 page document with pages that alternate between
Portrait and Landscape Paper positioning. On the pages that are portrait, the
header and footer is located on the top and bottom of the page. On all
Landscape page the customer wants all Header and Footer information not on
the top and bottom of the page (Word Default), but instead on the Left and
Right edge of the Landscape page. Using Word 2003, is it possible to have
header and footers that alternate positioning depending on whether a page is
Landscape or Portrait? Is Word have some way that will let me lock header
and footer positioning on the condition on whether it's a Landscape or
Portrait page? In other words, if I need to add 10 portrait pages in the
front of the document, how do I prevent the landscape pages downstream ending
up with the type of headers and footers that belong on a Portrait page?

The only workaround I'm able to think of is to set up text boxes on all
Landscape pages. This is a pain because this prevents me from using any auto
page numbering. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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