Header Image Creates Lag


Mark L

I am setting up word templates for my work. I have inserted a full page
background image (45k) into the first page header of the template. The
"Different First Page" box is checked.

This image causes MAJOR slow down of word. The type lag is so bad it makes
the template useless. When I take the image out things go back to normal. I
tried inserting a different image (1 png file & 1 gif file) and got the same
result...MAJOR slow down. When I use one of words built in Header w/image it
works fine.

How do I insert an image into my header without creating slowdown?

I am using Word 2007
Vista Business Machine with plenty of Processor and RAM.


You should ask your question in a Word newsgroup. This newsgroup is for
Access, the database application in Office.

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