Type Lag & Images


Mark L

I have a Word 2007 report with a large figure (PNG; 1929x2373 pixels; 1.01MB)
inserted into a report. When I type in the line following the figure I get
massive type lag.

I tried it on my pc, a PC with 2GB RAM, and a PC 3GB RAM. Every computer
duplicated the type lag.

I have determined that it is the figure causing the slowdown. When I take it
out or use draft mode, the type speed is fine. I can also save the document
as a Word 2003 doc file and the speed is also fine.

Is there a way to insert large images into reports and not have Word 2007
experience type lag? Any thoughts on solutions to this problem would be

I find saving an older file version, to be very frustrating as a solution.
Why did my company pay good money for a new edition of Word and new features
only to have it lag in performance behind Word 2003?

***System Specs***
Windows Vista Business 32 bit
Service Pack 1

Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz
1.00 GB RAM

Peter T. Daniels

Instead of importing the image into the document, is there a reason
not to insert it by reference (hyperlink)?

Mark L

Its a report sent out to clients. I think it would look unprofessional to
have a hyperlink every time there is a large image in the document. Also what
if a client wants a hard copy (hard copies are still requested with great

Mark L

I think that would look very unprofessional to have hyperlinks in the place
of images. These are reports that go out to paying clients.

Peter T. Daniels

No no, the hyperlink does not show in the document; the image is
"inserted by reference" rather than by being "physically" inserted
into your document. It doesn't look any different from the inserting
way, it just doesn't make your file grow. (You just have to be sure
not to move the document or the image to different folders, or the
link will get lost.)

Note when you click Insert > Picture there's a down-arrow next to
"Insert" at the bottom. Click that and choose "Link to File."

Presumably you're sending the clients a pdf and not a Word file? Or,
if you're sending a Word file, put the document and the image in the
same folder (from the start) and send them the folder, zipped.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Indeed, linked images are not suitable for documents that must be portable.
The client would not see the images at all (since they are on your

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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