Header image jumps



Hi all,

I have a background image inserted into my page header.

However, when I insert several pages of text, my header page background
jumps to the 4th page.

has anyone experiences anything similar or have any advice?

Thanks in advance,

Stefan Blom

What you are describing suggests that there is a section break somewhere at the
beginning of the document. If you double-click on the header with the picture to
activate the header/footer area, what does the "label" on the bottom left of the
header say ("Header -Section 2-" perhaps)?


Hi Stefan,

Thank you for replying to my post. The label simply says 'First Page Header'.

I have a different first page background to the following pages, if this
helps at all.


Stefan Blom

In addition to "First page header" you should see the section number (somewhere
below the header).

"First page header" suggests that you have enabled "Different first page" in
Page Setup. You will have to copy the picture into your main header; that way,
it will be repeated throughout the section. In case one or more headers have
been unlinked from their "neighbors" in the preceding section, you will have to
copy the picture into those unlinked sections as well.

For more on headers, footers, and sections, see

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