Help! Unlink headers not working even with section breaks



Hi all,

I am a few days away from handing in my thesis and Word is driving me mad! I am trying to have different headers for each chapter in the same document.. I have inserted next page section breaks after each chapter and then unlinked the headers by unchecking "link to previous", but every time I then try to change the header of the new chapter, it also changes the previous chapter header despite me having unlinked it first.

It works between some chapters, but not for others, and I cannot figure outwhy. Has anyone had this issue before?

I'm using Word 2007 on Windows XP.

Many thanks for all your help,


Peter T. Daniels

It will probably work if you empty out all your headers, be sure every
section is unlinked from previous, all the "different first page" and
"different odd and even" are set correctly, and then put the material
into your headings starting with section 1 and never go back to change
anything. It wouldn't hurt to Save after every page.

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