Has anyone written a Windows incomming Fax->Email application?


Al Dykes

Given an analog line, a fax modem, and a broadband internet
connection, is there some software that will answer an incomming fax
call, accept the fax pages and convert them to PDF or tiff and send
them to a static email address?

I'm asking about someting cheap or free that I can run as an
application or a process on a W2k/XP PC. I know about big bucks fax
servers and eFax.




Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

I haven't seen any, probably because neither the XP Fax Service nor Outlook
support the forwarding of faxes. I also haven't seen much (if any) third
party programming utilizing the XP Fax Service.
FWIW, the new "Windows Fax and Scan" in Vista does support forwarding of
faxes by rendering them as TIF files and attaching them to email messages.
Sadly, that won't be a low cost option either since only Vista Ultimate and
Vista Business include the fax module.

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