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Hi everybody.
I have successfully done a Xpe SP2 image and it boots from USB device.
Now I would like to use this image to boot from an IDE HD, so I use a flash
HD IDE instead of USB key device.
I have a 2Gb IDE HD Flashmodule, but I have no idea how to procede.
The ide controller driver is ready, I put my hd module in my PC and boot XPe
from usb key, and I can see the hard disk ad D: unit.
What I do now without success is to format my ide flash module in NTFS and
move the already done image to it, but it did not work. So I put the just
build image so to do FBA proccess, but also here it freeze. Just the cusor
blink on my monitor.
I 'm wrong somewhere?
I'm going mad...

thank a lot to any good advice


Sean Liming

Are you trying to take the image that has booted from teh USB drive, or copy
an image from directory on the USB drive?

You don't want to use the image that has already completed FBA and running
on the USB flash disk. Create a new image, copy it to a folder on the flash
drive, and copy it down to the IDE disk.


Sean Liming
www.sjjmicro.com / www.seanliming.com
Book Author - XP Embedded Advanced, XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit

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