Deploy XPE first boot



I am trying to boot my first deployment of XPE to a mini-atx atom board. I am
using an embedded disk (IDE flash). I have partitioned the drive, activated
the partition, bootpreped the drive, copied the image to the flash C: drive.

All is well until XPE tries to boot for the first time. I get the progress
bar.. then the Windows XP logo.. then it reboots and starts all over again.
Same cycle time after time....

I think it has something to do with the EWF??


Hello Sean...

I first get the progress bar across the bottom. Then the windows XP logo for
a second then all goes black and looks like a reboot and starts all over

Tried all kinds of images - from simplest ta.exe pmq on up...

Erwin Zwart

I also experienced this once, and the problem I had was that some file
where corrupt. This was probably cause by copying of the files to my disk.

Good luck,

Erwin Zwart,
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