Getting rid of interfering audio?



I wanted to thank the other person who helped me before, I got my video done
thanks to you!

I am using an older version of movie maker because I haven't installed
service pack 2. Actually, I did, but it got rid of my audio, so I
uninstalled it. I'd like to install the latest version for all the cool
features, but not if i have to install service pack 2 along with it. Is
there a way to install it without getting service pack 2?


All I know how to do at this point is make a video with pictures to music.
I am attempting to add video clips for "moving" footage to spice my videos
up, but I don't know how to get rid of the original audio that's on the video

I have a song playing for my video, and I have differen't pics popping up
then I add video footage, but the audio from that footage over rides the song
I'm trying to play for the video.

How do I get rid of the audio from the video clips so they don't interfere
with the song I'm trying to play?

Thanks so much!

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

First thing to check is that you have the latest soundcard drivers from
either the soundcard manufacturer's website... or the PC manufacturer's
website.. or the motherboard manufacturer's website if it's an onboard

Then reinstall SP2.

If you 'lose' the audio, then reinstall the driver you downloaded and get it


Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the audio so I can add them to my video?
I'm just looking for technical advice. As an operator of windows movie
maker, what button do I push or what function do I perform to make that
happen? Thanks!


OK, for those of you having the same problem/question, I was able to get an
answer from a friend. She makes the same kind of videos I'm trying to make
where you add video footage to your video but want to silence that footage so
the song you selected is what your viewer hears. Here is what she said, in
case anyone wanted an answer.

Highlight the portion of video, then click Clip, Audio, Mute from the
top menu. That takes away the sound from the video so you only hear
your song.

This is all I wanted to know. Hope this helps whoever else might need help
with this area.

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