Imported Video footage playing on audio line instead of video line




Please help!

I have managed to put video footage onto my PC from a video cassette (by
plugging my VCR into the TV aerial socket). The video footage is saved on my
PC as .mpg files & when I open them, they play fine on Windows Media Player.

When I import them on to Windows Movie Maker, they are recognised as video
footage and I am able to put them into the collections as video. However, for
some reason, when I drag them onto the timeline, they go onto the audio line
& I can't get them to go on the video line, so when I play it, the sound
plays but there is no picture. I have tried saving them as .AVI files but
that makes no difference.

If someone could PLEASE help me it would be very much appreciated!



WMM doesn't like your .mpg files.

In order to come up with a solution, what is the end result you are trying
to achieve? make a DVD? or just make a movie that you can only play on your

If you're looking to make a DVD what video editing software came with your
DVD burner?

Also, what program did you use to capture the video and does it allow you to
capture video in .AVI or .WMV formats?


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