FUNKY colors plz help


Chuck Yeager

All wmv's avi's mpg's mp4's are now playing in very dim pink and purple colors in Windows Media
Player!!!!!!! Even a third party util is doing the same thing.

All updates current.

Any help GREATLY appreciated

Graham Hughes, MVP Digital Media

Have you done something or added something to the pc since it played
properly? Can you uninstall it or use system restore to go back?
Is anything else affected or just movie files?

Chuck Yeager

Still getting nothing but fuzzy pink and purple playback with WMP9 on mpg avi wmv files. Reinstalled
and reinstalled codec pack. Quicktime files play fine and Quicktime will play mpg's fine. All other
display functions fine.

Thumbnail view of movie folder fine. DVD's play fine.
How does one replace codecs, and which dll and ax files are applicable?

Second post. Any advce appreciated.

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