WMP - No sound and fast play!



Noticing some very strange behavior with WMP9 on Windows XP Pro SP2. Some
wmv files play with no sound and some do. One of my wmv files plays at least
three times the speed (and no, it's not the speed control in WMP) so the
video plays and sounds like the chipmunks! Some mpg files play with sound
and others not. And the last strange thing is some avi files won't even
play. The file opens, but it does not advance forward...it stays on the
first frame and the status bar in WMP says "Playing". The enumerator also
becomes invalid if I stop playing some files and try to restart them.

I don't know exactly when this started, as I don't frequently play video
files. (MP3's play fine) But it would be nice to fix this! I also have
installed Power DVD and Quicktime 7 as other players, but there seems to be
no conflict. What's causing this and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance!




I downloaded WMP10 and that seemed to have resolved the speed issue with the
one wmv file, but now there's no sound on that one, and I still have sound on
selected mpg and wmv files. ARRRGGGG!!!

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