Movie color mix-up



I'm having a really bizarre problem with playing all
types of movies on my computer. These include DVDs, avi,
mov, wmv, mpg, and all others. The picture is clear,
except for the colors are all mixed up, like the people
will be green, the sky is red, grass is blue, etc... This
happens no matter if the file is played from a CD drive
or HDD. I've tried playing them in several programs-- WMP
9, Nero MP, IPix Movie Viewer, RealPlayer, InterActual
Player, Power DVD, etc.

I can get mpeg and avi files to play with the correct
colors with Quick Time Player, but I still can't find any
program that will play my DVDs and other movie files with
the right colors.

It seems as if a file that helps "display" movies
correctly may be corrupted, but I have no idea which one
it could be, but since it is causing trouble in all of
the media players, it must be a Windows file that all of
them use. It doesn't seem to be display adapter related.
Changing the color settings or resolution doesn't help.

Sys Specs: Medion 1100 Desktop, Windows XP Professional
SP1, 256 MB RAM, 120 GB HDD, Nvidia GeoForce4 Ti 4200
with AGP8x

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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