2 questions re: Windows Movie Maker on TV



1. I was told that Windows Movie Maker's movies are not of sufficient size
or quality to play on a TV. Before I go to the trouble of creating movies
from my digital 8 camcorder tapes, I want to make sure I'll be able to show
them on the television. Anyone out there use Windows Movie Maker for home
movies on their TV?

2. If it will work, what file size should I choose from Window Movie
Maker's options if I plan on burning the file to a DVD with Roxio or Nero
later for playing on TV?

Thanks for your help.

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

the DV-AVI choice of Movie Maker is the same quality file as that on your
digital8 tape... it's usually best to select that setting when heading
toward discs...

FrontPage Novice

Is there any other movie maker app such as Pinnacle that will do more things
than MS Movie Maker?



FrontPage Novice said:
Is there any other movie maker app such as Pinnacle that will do more
things than MS Movie Maker?


There are many app's that do so much more than WMM, but they ain't free!
Some glittering software such as from Ulead, Roxio, Pinnacle, Adobe etc
But some cost more than XP as an operating system.
WMM is bundled *free* with XP, and in many cases, most users didn't actually
pay the full cost of XP, but a reduced OEM license that was pre-installed.
MS is sensitive Not to step on the toes of software houses that produce
and sophisticated software in the video editing arena.
With WMM you get a basic but also competent video editing application that
produces file types that will be compatible with mainstream burning
again free basic versions nearly always pre-installed on OEM PC's, such as
Nero, Roxio, Ulead etc etc
WMM produces file formats, that basic burning software can produce playable
DVD disks from. But if you want sophisticated transitions, audio effects,
titles -
etc, etc, etc..................
Then you have to *pay* for the software (I love both Roxio and Ulead, but I
do an awful lot of digital video editing of captured Brit TV comedy

FrontPage Novice

Thanks for the reply. I see that MM will do the job as it is just weekend
movies of my grandkids.

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