ftp problems



hey all,

i just installed the ftp server on my win2k server. however when i try to
ftp something to it i get the following:

ftp> put test.txt
200 PORT command successful.
550 test.txt: Access is denied.

how do i begin troubleshootiing this one? all it is is a file i'm trying to
move over.




Steven L Umbach

If you have anonymous only user access enabled, you will not be able to
access files beyond permissions assigned to the everyone group. Other than
that check your firewall rules and logs to see if any packets are being
dropped or blocked. FTP can also be used in either passive or active mode
which may be causing a problem if firewall is not allowing access. The link
below explains the difference and how to configure firewalls for both. ---




Karl Levinson, mvp

Right-click to check the permissions on the FTP folder you're trying to
write to?

By the way, it is bad practice to allow anonymous user IUSR to both read and
write to any given FTP folder... if you do this on a server that is visible
on the Internet, it will be abused by hackers and the hard drive space and
Internet bandwidth will be consumed. Instead, make separate folders for
upload and download, one write only, the other read only.

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