FTP PUT always fails and GET works. Security settings the cause?



I have uninstalled EZ Armor firewall software and have looked at Windows
2000 Services and have tried many versions of various settings, rebooted many
times, etc. all to no avail.

I can do several FTP commands without problems including FTP get.
I am not able to do FTP put to any of several servers that I have full
access and rights. I am guessing that it must be some security
configuration on my laptop. I have a netgear router with windows 2000 PC
connected to cable modem.

On the target server (an IBM iSeries), I have created a Save File with size
of 15 mb.
On my PC I access iSeries via VPN.
On my PC I then access iSeries via FTP 999.99.99.99
I then log in via user and password.
I then do "get test test.savf" and I takes about 80 seconds.
But "put test.savf test" fails with "Connection closed by remote host."
The "put test.savf test" command does clear the Save File contents (as it
should) and does maintain a lock on the iSeries Save File object until the
"Connect closed by remote host." is issued.

On a different FTP server, I can sign in, drag and drop from FTP server to
my PC.
However, I cannot drag and drop from my PC to FTP server. The other FTP
server accepts FTP put commands from another home PC without
problems where as mine are rejected (drag and drop is locked out)

What personal security settings (or other settings) cause this behavior?




Steven L Umbach

It could be a problem with the VPN connection. If possible try to do the
same on the local network where the FTP server is located to see if the
problem still happens or not. VPN adds a lot of overhead and if the
connection is already slow I have seen connectivity problems when I used to
VPN into home from work. While you may have decent download speeds the
uplink speeds can leave a lot to be desired. The logs on the FTP server may
also show if there are problems with your user account trying to upload to
it and lack of permissions or even it that command was received. If you
have a personal firewall on your computer try disabling it to see if that
makes a difference or not. --- Steve

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