ftp in wm5 : wininet.dll corrupting the registry?




For several years I have a solution running on Windows Mobile 5. I use FTP
over LAN and GPRS (WWAN) to communicate with a central FTP server.

The FTP functions of wininet.dll are used in a VB.net application (vs2005),
using .net CF 2.0

Sometimes FTP communications no longer work, after everything worked fine
for months. Then the application activates the network connection and the
FTP-connection correctly, but is no longer capable of sending files over
FTP. (ftp put ftp get)

Resetting the device (cold boot, warm boot) does not solve the problem. So I
think there's no memory leak in the application, as a cold boot cleans the
memory and restarts the application and the problem persists.

Communication over FTP from other mobile5 devices to the same FTP server,
using the same application still works when the problem occurs on one
device. There's no problem on the server side.

Only a clean boot and a re-install of a device, meaning that the registry
goes back to factory defaults and everything is removed from the device
solves the problem.

So I guess something goes wrong (corrupts) in the registry, making FTP
communications impossible.

Is this a known issue? Does someone have experience with the wininet.dll
ftp-funtions on WM5 and this FTP problem.

Kind Regards,


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