FP 2003 connection timeout issue



Hello All: Website is www.ttwcanada.com and hosted with www.bluegenesis.com.
I use FP2003 and have had some minor issues with publishing to site
(occasional timeout with cannot connect to server message) Now, however, I
can only stay connected to live site for a couple of minutes. I will be
working on a page, go to save, and get connection error message. Have talked
to their customer service and they blame FP. Say that it is old program and
lots of people having same issues. They have FP 2002 extensions and they say
they are uptodate and working fine. Any body else having these issues or




Find another host.
If "lots of people" have the same problem, then it is more than likely there is something wrong at the server.
I use FP2002 extensions (they are the latest version) and FrontPage 2003 (again latest version) without any problems on two hosts - with both sites exceeding 1GB.
If it were just you with problems, I would suggest dividing your site into subwebs - this results in smaller loads on the server which should overcome time outs. A very busy server can be overloaded easily (perhaps another reason for a new host).
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

After serious thinking Rod wrote :

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