Host not supporting FP


Blake Kaos

Of late, I have had frequent difficulties in publishing my site with FP2003
to a non-windows host. Typically, the server does not accept the UID/PWD,
extensions need to be uninstalled / reinstalled at the server (done manually
and at a deeper level than what I can do myself with CPanel).

After the latest such incident, my otherwise very responsive hosting company
seems to have thrown in the towel and claim that they will no longer support
FP. They point me towards this as proof that
FP has become obsolete and even MS does not support it.

They suggest that I try to publish using FTP.

Q1 - will FTP really do the job, especially uploading the right files in all
the funny directories that FP creates / manages?

Q2 - are others facing any such issues with their hosts?




FrontPage extensions on Unix servers have been unsupported (by Microsoft)
since June 2006. Many hosts (especially Unix hosts) are removing FP
extensions from their servers. However, FP extensions are supported on
Windows 2003 and are provided (by RTR) for Windows 2008 servers.

FP can use FTP for publishing, but any components requiring FP extensions
will not work - including forms, custom link bars.
The _vti folders (if those are the funny folders you are talking about) are
NEVER published, even with extensions running.

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