Form Error



I get the following error everytime the submit button is pressed on my form:

FrontPage Error.
User: please report details to this site's webmaster.
Webmaster: please see the server's application event log for more details

I have contacted my IT department and they said the server extensions are
working fine. The form results are transmitted through email, and the form
results are saved in the _private folder correctly, but the confirmation page
will not display. I have another website on the same server, and when I
copied the form and confirmation page into that website it worked just fine.
But it still won't work in the original website. I have been working on this
for weeks, with no luck. Can anybody help?

Steve Easton

The only thing I can see that "might" be the cause is that startspan is in the wrong
location in the bot code.
Switch to code view, find startspan and move it to here in the bot code:

U-Validation-Error-Url="disclaimerpage.htm" startspan --><input TYPE="hidden"

Right now it is here: S-Label-Fields="TRUE" startspan

Save and republish the page, edit it live on the server and save.

Why it's out of place I don't know.


Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
FP Cleaner
Hit Me FP


The startspan thing did not seem to fix it, however, I think I found the
problem. I tried storing the form results in a new folder I created, rather
than using the typical _private folder, and everything worked just fine. So
I deleted the _private folder and recreated it as a new folder, then I
created a results.csv within the _private folder and it worked. So the
problem must have been somewhere in the original _private folder. It seems
strange that I deleted it and created it the exact same, but now it works, so
I guess I can't complain.

Thanks for your help!

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