Confirmation page is not showing



I have form created in FP 2003 on my web site.
When I submit the form, instead of my confirmation page, I got a page saying:

FrontPage Error.
User: please report details to this site's webmaster.
Webmaster: please see the server's application event log for more details.

I have FrontPage extension on my hosting, and I point the results to an
email related to my domain, and published the web using FP publishing in

Does anyone have an idea what’s going on?

The form address:
The confirmation page:


The form is set to get the subject from a form field, however the field
named in properties ("ðåùà" ) should probably be given a name such as
Subject. In the webbot the existing name is depicted by ????
(S-Form-Fields="Name Email Phone1 Phone2 Fax Type ???? Comments B1 ")

The confirmation page is index2.htm, not cntcttnks.htm

Also, the FrontPage extensions sometimes lose form data when the email
format is set to HTML, especially when large amounts of data is


I forgot to publish to form after the last corections, that why the
confirmation page is index2.htm. Now it is all fixed.

I change the name to Subject, but I still get the error page.
I do receive the email with all the data without any problems, the problem
is with the confirmation page.


I receive your form results, but I guess you receive an error page.

Is there any idea why it is happend?

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