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Hi Everyone,

I am running Windows XP security pack 2 with a DSL modem. I am currently
using Norton Personal Firewall. I notice when my computer first starts up,
Norton Firewall is the last icon to appear on the right hand side of my
taskbar, leading me to believe it must be the last program that loads into

My question is- is there a risk that someone could hack into my computer
from the time that Windows first loads until the delayed time when Norton
Firewall loads? Or are all of my ports closed off somehow until the Firewall
program loads?



Probably not. Some of the early firewalls suffered exactly this problem, but
I think most of the vendors will have tackled it by now.

I you want better security, ditch the USB modem and get a router. They're
cheap enough these days. Routers are fundamentally better from a security
point of view.

Steven L Umbach

Norton Firewall loads as a service before any user logs onto the computer
and what you are seeing is probably the icon to configure/monitor the
application. I agree with IAN in that every user that uses broadband
cable/DSL really should be using an internet router or other firewall device
as the first line of defense for your network. I have seen too may
misconfigurations or software firewalls being disabled by malware or a user
knowingly or not. --- Steve


Hi Guys,

Thanks for your reply.

How does a router work? Do I plug the router into my computer and then the
USB DLS modem connects into the router?

Also- is there one brand/type that you would recommend?


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