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Yesterday I asked about why Norton Firewall and Norton antivirus wouldn't
load at startup even though they both were setup to do so when installed.
Now that problem is resolved, I have another question.
My wife's account both load at startup, my account only Norton antivirus
loads the firewall doesn't. When I go to change the firewall settings I'm
prompt that a supervisor can view and change options. We are both
administrators on this computer.

Mike Bright MSP

NIS, Has a user / admin feature to it, normally it
inherits from the account under which you installed the

e.g. If you installed it when logged in as Dog, then Dog
will tend to be the Admin for the NIS system. If it
works on your wife's account open it up when she is
logged in and Go to Options, and In there should be the
settings (can't remember the name) which will allow you
to manage the user account's who can admin NIS.

This link is on the symantec site and will outline the
User accounts system in NIS:

Sorry about the large link, it may need constructing in
notepad first.

Hope this helps

Mike Bright MCP, MSP

e:[email protected]

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