"Fax Printer Inaccessible" Error



I recently started having problems with my FAX utility -- I cannot
successfully send FAXes to local or long distance numbers. The FAX
successfully dials up the number and connects, but the call is dropped
shortly after the destination FAX answers and supplies the first tone. At
the same time, my FAX MONITOR is no longer displayed to indicate the status
of the call. I have gone into the FAX PROPERTIES dialog and have enabled
send/receive of FAX, as well as selecting all the TRACKING check boxes (show
progress when faxes are sent/received, Notify of success for
incoming/outgoing fax, etc.), but the FAX MONITOR never appears.

I also noticed that in my FAX CONSOLE, all the FILE options are "grayed out"
and I can't send FAX cover pages from this utility. I also noticed an error
message at the extreme lower right corner which says "All fax printers are

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the FAX Utilities several times, and
using the FAX WIZARD to set up the FAX -- it says it was "successful" but my
FAX still does not work.

Has anyone seen this problem or have any ideas on a fix? Thanks!.....


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