Fax modem



I want to use fax on my computer.I have to install a fax
modem ,how do I go about to do that ,thank you for your



Archan Das [MSFT]

I suppose you are trying to set up Fax on xp. Please choose a 56K Fax
compatble modem from one in the list:
If your modem is an internal modem - PCI modem - you need to fit it on the
PCI slot. If the modem is an external one - say USB - you need to connect
the USB cable to the USB port on your machine. Your hardware will detect the
modem - if it asks for drivers please use the cd supplied by the
manufacturer or visit the manufacturer's website. You need to connect the
analog telephone line to your modem.

After that install Fax from Add/Remove Programs->Add/Remove Windows
components->Check Fax Services. Note that this might require the original
manufacturer cd.

After Fax is installed, launch Fax Console [Start->All
Programs->Accessories->Communication->Fax->Fax Console]. You need to
configure the Fax service. The modem installed will appear in your device
list - you may configure for both sending and receive. Thats it - your Fax
is setup.

Archan Das
Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Fax Team

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