I use Windows FAX with XP PE SP2.
Fax modem 56K V92 internal connected thru DSL filter.
DSL with a connection that requires user/password to connect.
I can send Fax if DSL modem is on (DSL led ON) but user not connected.
I cannot send fax if I connect; faxmodem says no response received from
remote fax.
Can anyone explain?
Thanks and best regards.


If user that you wish send fax is not connected you cannot send fax to him
or sending fax both sides must be connected.
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Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

An analog modem connected to a DSL line through an appropriate line filter
is a (I use this term loosely) supported setup and appears to at least
partially work. Can you make a normal telephone call with a standard
telephone connected to this particular DSL filter when the DSL modem is
turned off? I suspect the DSL modem may be doing something to the line when
turned off that it may not be supposed to do. You might also try
disconnecting the DSL modem from the line and repeating your Fax test; you
should be able to use the DSL line as a telephone line with standard
telephone devices (connected through line filters) regardless of the power
state or presence or absence of the DSL modem. I should add that most folks
I know who have DSL or cable broadband never power the modem off...

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